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more than a building.

As well as an event center, Prima Vista houses Prima Vista Records, Prima Vista Studios, and Perezcope Music Publishing. Click below to learn more.

Studio Microphone




Studio A is slotted to be open by the end of 2023 and is the larger of the two studios at Prima Vista. Located on the main floor level, the studio has floated walls,10 foot ceilings, and several features of a traditional high level recording studio such as an 10' x 16' iso booth, 24' x 20' cutting room, and a 14' x 10' control room. Studio A can easily accommodate large ensembles and projects needing ample personnel.

Acoustically, the room was designed to be as dead as possible, with only the slightest room sound if needed, although once again the full venue can be utilized for more reverberant techniques and routed strait into any Studio A recordings.


The first studio constructed within Prima Vista, Studio B has been home to some of the first recordings and artists to come through the studio in its formative period. At 400 sq. ft., Studio B is a wonderful medium side room although several different studio augments can easily be done on the spot to facilitate close mic techniques and temporary isolation booths all the way to utilizing routing to incorporate the massive room sound of the full 22,000 sq. ft venue.

Care was chosen in the interesting color of Studio B. Half of the room is painted the color inside a US Submarine and the other half of its walls have been painted in the precise hue needed for green screen, allowing ample space available for video work as well.


As well as the two studios, the S FT venue itself also becomes part of Prima Vista Studios. Services are available to record live performances, music videos, promotional videos, and more.

**A note on gear: Both studios share an inventory professional mics, DIs, mixing consoles, computers, monitors as well as a large amount of backline and run predominately on Protools but with options for Logic. If you would like more information on the specific list of gear, plug-ins, system, or other technical information, we will gladly provide it.**

For studio rates or more information, please contact us here or call us at 806-392-5729.



In June of 2023, Prima Vista launched Prima Vista Records and signed its first artist to the label. We look forward to helping rising stars in West Texas take their music to the next level worldwide with recording, touring, and promotional support.





Vocalist, songwriter an multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mercado is the humble ace. With an unassuming, carefree attitude he manages to zero on on the hearts of his fans effortlessly with his lyrics and acoustic guitar serenading an captivating audiences in West Texas and beyond.​


With songs about love and life set to Matthew's unique vision, his debut self-titled album, released in 2023, is easily digestable and has something for everyone.

Matthew actively performs throughout Texas and is due to release his second full length studio album this fall. 



West Texas has always been rich in a heritage of great songwriters. In order to celebrate, circulate, and support the unique and quality songwriters in the area, the owners of Prima Vista, Robert and Ramiro Perez, formed Perezcope Music Publishing. The publishing house is certified with both ASCAP and BMI and is active in film, television and internet aspects of music publishing with a focus on compiling a truly one-of-a-kind catalog of songs and artists.





Henry Williamson aka “Big Daddy Dawg” has no shortage to his performance names, but musicians in West Texas only need to say Henry and immediately this iconic troubadour comes to mind. 

Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, then later transplanted to Carlsbad and Eastern New Mexico, Henry eventually found his way to West Texas in 2020 and quickly became a part of the Lubbock music scene performing his tunes at songwriter nights all around the city.

His songs sing of the human condition, incorporating his personal experiences and stories in a way that is oddly familiar, real, and relevant to all. They leave no room for wasting time on esoteric references and unnecessary complexity. Instead, his songs are strait to the head and the heart and his memorable pieces leave the listener walking away singing them due to his sheer genius of interplay with hooks, repetition, rhyme, and melody.

for more information on label artists or songwriters, please contact us HERE

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